Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wednesday Morning Blast!

Chris Lehane:
Scarborough Country was a must-watch last night. Chris Lehane (erstwhile Clarke manager and current Michael Moore spinmeister) and Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair Mag) made life hell for the MSNBC transcriber in the basement of 30 Rockefeller Center. Lehaine would… not… shut… up. I’ve heard in the past from both laypeople and journalists that he’s an asshole but effective. Last night, he seemed more obnoxious than effective. To set the context, Christopher Hitchens has been highly critical of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Democrats who have embraced the film. While Christopher Hitchens tried to talk civilly, Lehane kept interrupting him and accusing him of being a Bush supporter (apparently, in some camps, “Bush” is another four-letter word). It reminded me of a Great Dane trying to take a nap while some Pomeranian in a little black tie and tuxedo sweater barks and nips at his ankles.

I’m not the type to take one isolated interview and apply it to the landscape of the entire DNC front office, but is this really the type of guy they want punching in every morning? For someone who’s so feared in Washington circles, he isn’t a particularly adroit strategist. Sure, he ran Wesley Clarke’s campaign. But, the Wright Brother’s flight at Kitty Hawk was airborne longer than that mess (with a better landing, too). Now he’s working for a walking hand grenade that’s been missing it’s pin for awhile now.

DNC Haiku:
Republicans HATE Bill Clinton, right? I mean, they just loathe the sight of him. If you want to smoke an angry white man out of his Saddam-hole, just show him footage of Bill and Hillary holding hands and waving while Fleetwood Mac blares out of a loudspeaker.

Conservatives have an irrational hatred for Bill Clinton that far trumps any animus liberals have for President Bush. After all, we only resent his policies, not the man. Not the stupid, inbred, corrupt, lying, cheating, cowboy. No.

So, what did Republicans do on Bill Clinton’s birthday?

By the way, here’s my haiku:

Who would Osama
Vote for if given a chance
“Anyone but Bush!”

Welcome to Washington, But, Please Leave the Gun in Virginia:
I came across something really disturbing the other day which I would like to use to illustrate a point.

I live in a very quiet neighborhood nestled between Meridien Hill and Adams-Morgan. Even though there are at least twelve mid-rise apartment buildings lining the two blocks near my apartment, there isn’t much pedestrian traffic at all. I was walking to the [Un]Safeway on Columbia Road when I came across a domestic dispute between a Hispanic couple.

The terd was kicking and yelling at her. She wasn’t screaming back, just recoiling from his blows. I was about to yell for him to stop, but then he threw a glass bottle at her and missed: shattering all over the concrete. I pulled out my cell and dialed 911, but it was busy. (Thanks, SprintPCS/MPD). He reached in his pocket and threw a closed switchblade in the air behind her and started pointing at it. (They were arguing in Spanish, so I couldn’t tell what he was yelling about). I kept trying to get through to 911 and didn’t get them until the 3rd try.

When I finally got hold of the police, he had run off and left her crying. She got up and ran away in the opposite direction. I yelled for her but she ignored me. What’s the point? He could have taken that pocket knife or that broken bottle and sawed her head off; and there’s not a damn thing I could have done about it. Neither could have MPD, because they took twelve minutes to arrive. D.C. is a messed up place. It’s dangerous and congested. So, if you’re being assaulted, the cops have to fight cab driver’s and Metrobuses before they can save your bacon.

I’m no John Wayne, but I know where to point a pistol. I’m not sure I’d carry one, but in this neighborhood I wouldn’t mind having one in my closet. But, I can’t even have one at home because of the blanket restriction on gun possession in the District. Thanks, guys.

BTW, I hope this Hispanic girl doesn’t turn up dead somewhere.


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