Thursday, July 15, 2004

Today's Moron Award Goes to...

Corrine Brown (D-FL) for her conniption fit on the floor of the House today.  She called the 2000 election a "coup d'etat" in order to justify the Black Congressional Caucus's appeal to the U.N. to oversee the upcoming elections. 
Let's ignore the obvious irony of asking a body of democracy loathing countries to oversee our elections.  "Hey Fidel, is this chad hanging?"
First of all, anyone who compares the Bush hatred of the far left to the "Clinton-bashing" of the impeachment era Republicans has to put on their blinders to explosions like this on the floor.  And the Michael Moores.  And the Whoopi Goldbergs.  Joe Wilson.  Howard Dean.  Al Franken.  And many more. 
What do these folks have in common?  Explosions.  Irrational, red faced, drunken screaches of outrage.  "We haven't been this upset since impeachment - uh wait, West Palm." 
Now Corrine Brown wants to cede our sovereigty for about 12 hours or so.  That's how much she hates George W. Bush.  In her mind, the threat of terrorism isn't nearly as daunting as the incognito Republicans, cops, and political operatives sneaking around Democrat strongholds in Florida. 
This is just a preview of things to come from Democrats.  Get ready for some hate this October.    


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