Friday, July 16, 2004


I just looked back at my notes and they look totally unorganized.  Here are my impressions from the interview:
-If she has any suspicions about the FBI/FAM confirmation that the Syrians' story checks out, she isn't throwing them out there.  If she was grandstanding, she would act like the Art Bell crowd: "this is obviously a cover-up, I know what I saw!  The media is stamping this out!  The Rotary Club killed President Kennedy!"
-Clearly, she's very concerned about the security procedure implemented by TSA. 
-She's received lots of feedback about similar incidents while in transit. 
-She's VERY liberal.  What she saw going on was very out of sorts and resonated with her.  Enough so to make her quote Ann Coulter. 
The interview only lasted two segments.  So, nothing much that we already know was made manifest. 
I said earlier that the media would never run with this because it doesn't fit their template.  I'm going to retract that and reserve judgement until Monday night.  I'm interested to see how they spin her story.  The sensationilistic elements are appealing:  "Terrorists in the midst!  More at 11:00!" 
Of course, there are mechanisms at work that we might never know about.  I'll elaborate later.


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