Friday, July 16, 2004

Part Two...

paraphrase (no Dowdification intended...):
Carlson:  "No one confronted these men until the plane was landed?"
AJ:  "Define confronted."
Carlson:  "None of the sky marshalls?"
AJ:  Marshalls only deploy in the event of a palpable incident.
During her interview with the TSA, she said that she and her husband asked the investigators questions and they didn't answer any. 
One of the Federal Air Marshalls called after the WAPO got wind of the story.  He said FBI and FAM looked into the Syrians' story and that it appears legit. 
Discussion about the Observer (UK) article and congruent incidents on her flight.
John Carlson:  "You're article is blowing up.  You're going to be on ABC News, NBC?  Where have they been in the past?"
AJ:  "My editor at WWS decided to treat this like a story.  The article is meant to inform the public; instead of petty sensationalism."
JC: "Do you know if the plane was searched?"
AJ:  "I don't know."
JC:  "What do you think was happening b/t DTW and LAX?"
AJ:  "I've spoken with many people in the industry, pilots, flight attendants, etc.  The rest is laid out in the article."
JC:  "What should we do to remedy this?"
AJ:  "I don't know.  That's not for me to speculate.  I'm writing a second article on the information that I've received since the publication of the article."
End interview. 


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