Friday, July 16, 2004

Not holding my breath for this one...

Annie Jacobsen's account of her trip from Detroit to LAX on a NWA flight is a pretty compelling story.  Why?  Because you and I know that it's highly plausible.  This is the nature of the threat: a dangerous foe that is crazy, but not stupid. 

Michelle Malkin hopes that her "colleagues in the mainstream media are digging into the story, too."  As much as I would love for that to be the case, they probably aren't. This story doesn't fit the template.

With reckless abandon, everyone from the New York Times to the Charlotte Observer displays the pictures of Abu Ghraib to convey not only the inherent evils of war, but the sinister depravity of theAmerican military.  When 19 Saudis fly planes into buildings, we can't profile their kindreds whom have made their intent quite clear.  When a few MPs harrass insurgents (who are probably in prison because they blew up our troops), the media is more than happy to profile.  Not only do they profile, they assume this is the attitude of the entire military and the Bush Administration as well.  That's their template: we're evil, they're misunderstood.

What does this have to do with media acknowledgment of Ms. Jacobsen's incident?  It reminds us there is, in fact, a threat.  It's a threat that doesn't discriminate between rich/poor, black/white man/woman, etc.  All you have to be is in the wrong place at the wrong time: regardless of your ethnicity.  The terrorists don't care as long as your dead and our country is afraid.  Coincidentally, our President has been trying to tell us the same damn thing for years now. 

Nope, doesn't fit the template.  Vote Kerry for a return to normalcy! Don't notice that gaping hole in the New York skyline.  Don't be concerned when that Arab clarinet player looks a bit pecid.  He probably ate a bad piece of fallafel.  Yeah, normalcy.  That would be nice. 


At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point about the generalizations drawn from Abu Ghraib vs the generalizations NOT drawn from Muslim hijackers. And thanks for the liveblogging -- I live on a military post overseas, so my only chance to find out about these things is through blogs.


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