Friday, July 16, 2004

Northwest Pilot calls into John Carlson...

Hold on, a pilot for Northwest just called in while I was typing the summary.  I'm going to listen to him.
-  "These terrorists preboard to potentially identify Air Mashalls."
-  Not shocked to hear that this sort of thing happened. 
J.C.:  Have you had a flight with this kind of behavior?
Pilot:  Not to this degree.  But, I've had some strange behavior.
J.C.:  What do you think of her story?
Pilot:  It's plausible.  Except for why so many of these people would pre-board.  The only one    eligible for pre-boarding is the one with the orthopaedic leg. 
J.C.:   So based on her article, and this conversation, what do you think?
Pilot:  No surpise.  DTW is near the Canadien border where egress/ingress is easy. 
BTW, the trouble with airlines is that once the exit door is shut and your airborne, it changes the scenario completely.  We need to do more on the ground because of the perilous nature of being in flight. 
J.C.:  Do we need to screen Muslims more.
Pilot:  Absolutely.  Why would you want the pilots to be stripped search but allow these people through with little scrutiny.  I've shut down a flight before b/c of security concerns.  It turned out to be nothing, but better safe than sorry. 


At 8:57 AM, Blogger arch-conservative said...

"Pilot: It's plausible. Except for why so many of these people would pre-board. The only one eligible for pre-boarding is the one with the orthopaedic leg. "

I don't know what airline this was, but everytime I have flown, including post 9/11, pre-boarding is allowed for 1) medical necessity 2) families with small children 3) first class passengers 4) frequent flier elite members.

I frequently preboard by virtue of #4.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Charles said...

Clarification: He was a pilot for Northwest. He said that the only thing "fishy" to him is that such a large group of the Syrians were allowed to pre-board. The only one, in his view, who would normally be allowed to pre-board was the one with the orthopaedic shoe.

Hope that helps.


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